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Mike Marsyada's "Making Sense of Deer Scents" Book

Mike Marsyada's "Making Sense of Deer Scents" Book, in conjunction with the all important pre-season work, will give you the edge to put the odds in your favor of harvesting that trophy buck.  The value of the information in this book will be quickly realized by those who put these writings to work.

There are several smells that, when used correctly in the right places at the right time in conjunction with the right methods of presentation, can and do afford you an edge, which in most cases, is all that's needed.  For some, the edge may be drawing a buck a few yards closer, or possibly making a running buck stop for a standing shot or maybe bringing the buck out of the cover and into the open for an uninhibited shot.

This book is dedicated to all who enjoy and intrigue in the knowledge of the deer in the woods.  Whether you are the hunter who enjoys the sport of the pursuit of any legal deer, or the true trophy hunter searching for the record book head, this book is for you.  23 pages.


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