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Trapping » Snares & Slides and Supplies » Snares & Snare Extension Cables » Dakota Line Snares » Dakota Line Deathblow Dispatch Mini-Torq Snare | « Go Back

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Dakota Line Deathblow Dispatch Mini-Torq Snare

The Dakota Line Deathblow Dispatch Mini-Torq Snare is a deadly snare for cats and coyotes.  The mini-torq dispatch spring on 5/64" cable makes it deadly.  No need for entanglement.  Often times there will not be a fight circle.  One or two good lunges and the critter is dead.

This snare is built with 84" of 5/64" 7x7 cable, #285 S-Breakaway, Dakota Line Deathblow camlock, mini-torq dispatch spring, poly support collar and 9 gauge end swivel.  The Deathblow lock has teeth so that there is absolutely no relax.

The Dakota Line Deathblow Dispatch Mini-Torq Snare is loaded for speed.  What is loading?  Dakota Line puts tension in the loop making the loop rounder and causing it to close quickly when the critter goes through it.  Loading makes a huge difference in snaring percentages.

Please Note:  When setting these snares the mini-torq spring can be cumbersome until you are used to it.  If you bend the spring backwards so that it sits behind the lock it will help to balance the snare and not compromise the effectiveness of the spring.


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