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Trapping » Books & Videos » Trapping Books » Trapping Books (Listed by Subject) » Coyote Trapping » Matt Jones & Clint Locklear's "Coyote Chaos" DVD | « Go Back

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Matt Jones & Clint Locklear's "Coyote Chaos" DVD

Follow Clint Locklear and Matt Jones as they fight through 7 inches of rain, deep mud, competition and freeze-thaw conditions on their coyote line.  See for yourself how these two veteran trappers keep their traps and snares working in the harsh conditions that faces every coyote trapper in the east.  Better yet, learn how to keep your coyote line in operation when your competition is stuck spinning their wheels in the mud.

Matt Jones & Clint Locklear's "Coyote Chaos" DVD is 2 hours long and covers the following topics:

  • Using drags in the east
  • Eastern flat sets in grass or leaves
  • Keeping your dirt holes working in high rain
  • Snaring trails, fast!
  • Snaring roads
  • Understanding bait stations and how to make them pay
  • Understanding coyote locations
  • Hiding your sets from your competition
  • Using peat moss
  • See how to use lure stakes and lure holders
  • Why every trapper needs to have a fishing gaft in their truck
  • Plus much more and a lot of coyotes jumping around to boot


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