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Trapping » Books & Videos » Trapping Books » Trapping Books (Listed by Subject) » Coyote Trapping » Jason Houser's "A New Approach to Coyote Trapping" Book | « Go Back

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Jason Houser's "A New Approach to Coyote Trapping" Book

Jason Houser's "A New Approach to Coyote Trapping" Book is full of information that both the novice and experienced coyote trapper can use to put more coyotes on the stretcher.  Whether you are just beginning and do not know where to begin in order to catch a coyote, or you have been catching coyotes for years and are looking for a fresh perspective, this book is excellent.

Topics covered in this 70 page book are:

  • Setting on location
  • Trap selection, placement and stabilizing
  • Caring for your traps:  new and old alike
  • Other equipment
  • Managing odors
  • Attractants
  • Creating coyote lures and baits
  • Staking coyotes solid
  • Flat sets
  • Dirt holes
  • The hay set
  • Remakes
  • Freeze-proofing land sets
  • Proper fur handling for all species
  • Grading and sizing coyotes
  • Selling to an international market
  • Dealing with coyote mange
  • Finding and keeping land to trap
  • Lesson learned:  let others know where your traps are


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