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Trapping » Books & Videos » Trapping Books » Trapping Books (Listed by Subject) » Coyote Trapping » J.C. Conner's "Coyote Trapping - Dirt Hole Sets" DVD | « Go Back

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J.C. Conner's "Coyote Trapping - Dirt Hole Sets" DVD

J.C. Conner's "Coyote Trapping - Dirt Hole Sets" DVD details the set that has caught more animals than all the other sets combined.  The main reasons: 

  • #1 Because it's used the most
  • #2 Its eye appeal

Once you learn the basics of making the dirt hole from the size of a mouse to a badger hole, from a well blended set to 3-4 feet of scratched out rough digging you will see they can be used in any part of the country and are deadly.

J.C.  likes working the dirt hole with the flat set and has no set pattern.  He lets the location tell him what to do, using what is available in the area.

J.C.'s sets are fast, simple and effective, using good equipment and good lure in the right locations. Location is the key in all trapping.  2 hours, 30 minutes.


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