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Trapping » Snares & Slides and Supplies » Foot Snares & Power Snares » Collarum Live Capture Devices » Collarum Live Capture Canine Device (Domestic Dog Model) | « Go Back

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Collarum Live Capture Canine Device (Domestic Dog Model)

The Collarum Live Capture Canine Device (Domestic Dog Model) throws a secure, non-choking cable loop over a canine's head and around the neck making capture fast, easy and effective.  Triggering requires a "bite & pull" action, which makes the Collarum canine specific.  It won't be set off by other wildlife.

The Collarum Live Capture Canine Device (Domestic Dog Model) is for use with 30 lb. to 60 lb. domestic dogs or coyotes and features:

  • Adjustable trigger
  • Reusable cable
  • Stainless steel so no rusting
  • Low maintenance

The Collarum domestic dog model has 3/16" cable with a Relaxalock and an adjustable stop affixed to the cable to accommodate different dog sizes.  This model contains arms and cable for up to a 12" capture loop. It has lighter duty springs for shorter set periods and closer supervision and is easier to set than the coyote model.  However, it won't throw as well in heavy soil or poor weather and more space is needed than with the fox model due to the loop size.

The Collarum has been used extensively throughout the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Spain & Australia for the capture of canines.  The military has used them on bases in Iraq & Afghanistan for the capture of feral dogs.


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