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Clint Locklear's "Lure & Bait Making" DVD

Clint Locklear's "Lure & Bait Making" DVD contains three hours of real, down to earth info for making lures and baits yourself.  Lure and bait making is a fascinating undertaking.  It is a thrill to catch an animal from your own scent.

Clint Locklear shares tips and tricks so you can make your own lure and bait.  There is no way that a three hour video can teach you everything about lure and bait making.  That would take hundreds of hours to cover every aspect.  But, this video gets you headed in the right direction and steers you away from making the common mistakes that cause a beginning lure maker to give up.

Clint turns loose information in this DVD that would take you years and thousands of dollars to figure out on your own.  Some of the topics covered are:

  • Building lure bases
  • Thoughts on fixatives
  • Tinctures
  • Perfume oils, flavorings, extracts, glands and different fish oils
  • Why it is hard to build a good lure or bait from copying older formulas
  • Why and how to pasteurize urine before adding to formulas
  • Homemade, fresh, clean smelling fish oil you can make on the cheap
  • How to NOT lose mink, otter, weasel and badger odor from glands
  • Firing up castor to make it stronger and sweeter
  • List of proven ingredients for lures for land and water animals
  • Frank Mast's secret Ambrette formula
  • Plus more tips, tricks and methods for making lure and bait


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