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Hancock Beaver Live Trap

The Hancock Beaver Live Trap weighs only 29 lbs. and folds to a 7" thickness for convenient carrying.  With this trap no water is too deep and no banks are too steep as the trap hangs suspended from above without reference to the bottom.

Whether irrigation ditches, deep streams, shallow streams, fast water, non-moving water, high banks, low banks, solid bottom, quicksand bottom, lakes, marshes....this trap will catch more beaver with less work than any trap in use.

The Hancock Trap was originally invented by Charles L. Hancock in the muskrat size trap for trapping muskrats in 1930. The trap was converted in size for live trapping of beaver in 1932 and was modified in 1975 by the University of Idaho to live capture river otter.

This trap is now used almost exclusively where great numbers of beaver are handled.  It is constructed of an all aluminum frame and it will last indefinitely.  Those put in use years ago are still in use today.

You can transfer beaver from trap to sack, crate, barrel, carrying cage, etc. in less than one minute by simply unlatching two rings.  There are no springs to work against.  You simply let the beaver crawl from the trap into the container.

Both bait and scent are usually used in making a set with this trap.  The back of the trap remains above the water, thus carrying the bait and lure scent to beavers.  This attracts beavers to the trap and also assures plenty of room above the water for the captured beaver to be up dry and comfortable.  You will never have chilled or water soaked beaver when caught in this trap.

The Hancock Beaver Live Trap features:

  • Easily sets up in 2 minutes or Less.
  • Total weight of trap 29 pounds.
  • For use in beaver and otter damage control work.
  • For use in beaver and otter population transplanting.
  • Built from high grade aluminum and spring steel with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty against breakage from normal use.
  • Multiple animals can be caught in one setting.


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