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Dura Poly Live Traps

Dura Poly Live Traps are excellent for catching skunks, squirrels, woodchucks, badgers, rabbits, raccoons and cats.  The combination of galvanized metal, stainless steel springs with a polyethylene shell creates the most "Raccoon Tough", chew-proof live catch trap on the market.  Complete with positive self-locking, spring-powered door.  Only top quality Canadian and US products are used in the manufacturing process.  Built-In features include:

  • Spray-Proof 99% of skunks feel secure inside and can't see anything approaching.  Gentle operators never have a problem.
  • Safe The tough white outer shell provides safety from larger animals, the public and the weather. The animal is not in the public eye.
  • No Damage The solid construction means there's no soiling or scratching of shingles, deck or lawn at the catch site.
  • Portable The fully enclosed Dura Poly System offers you the ultimate in safe, clean and stress-free animal transportation.
  • Durable The trap will withstand extreme temperatures.

Dura Poly Live Traps Users:

  • Used extensively and preferred by animal control personnel.
  • Used for animal relocation by individuals, commercial operations and governments.
  • Used by zoos.
  • Used by biologists for catch & release projects to obtain scientific data.


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