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Trapping » Books & Videos » Trapping Books » Trapping Books (Listed by Subject) » Beaver Trapping » Kirk DeKalb's "Catching the Numbers" DVD | « Go Back

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Kirk DeKalb's "Catching the Numbers" DVD

Kirk DeKalb's "Catching the Numbers" DVD is a high quality instructional beaver trapping video.  Watch this video and you're going to catch some beaver.  A LOT of beaver.  As many beaver as you have the ability and ambition to catch!  Chapters in this 1 hour, 9 minute DVD include:

  • Kirk's Traps
  • Setting traps
  • First Catch
  • Beaver Damage
  • Setting Snares
  • Setting Footholds
  • Castor Mound
  • Koro Trap
  • Snared Beavers
  • Foothold Beaver
  • And More


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