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Mike McMillan's "Advanced Bat Control" DVD

Mike McMillan's "Advanced Bat Control" DVD is an on-the-job training course for removing bats, exclusion techniques, and growing your business.  Follow Mike in this 2 hour, 22 minute 2 disc DVD set from bat job to bat job as he shows exclusion methods and multiple bat removal techniques, including:

  • One day removal techniques that will allow you to responsibly take and complete bat jobs in this highly profitable field
  • Detailed how-to on making and installing bat excluders in multiple scenarios
  • Phenomenal footage of bats exiting excluders at night and techniques of removing whole colonies of bats in one day
  • Trapping of bats demonstrated without bat traps -- if you trap and relocate bats, this will save you time and money
  • Removal of bat guano explained

This DVD will give you the knowledge and experience you need to responsibly complete these profitable bat jobs.


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