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Clint Locklear's "Year Long Blitzkrieg" DVD

Clint Locklear's "Year Long Blitzkrieg" DVD is a full four hours that shows you what the pace and lifestyle of a professional trapper is all about.  You get to follow Clint over a full year on his fur and predator control lines.  Clint start's in Tennessee on coyote control, then to Iowa for some coon pounding.  Next is a river line on the Tennessee River, and then onto Alabama for predator work.

Then Clint heads to Texas for a full predator Blitzkrieg.......back to Alabama, and then back to Texas.  Clint finishes up in Tennessee on coyotes.  This is a fast paced, action packed Year Long Blitzkrieg.

Topics covered:

  • Coyotes, Bobcats, Muskrats, Beaver, Coon and some animals you will just have to see
  • Big river trapping for Beaver, Muskrats and Coon
  • Long lining for Coon
  • Several Cat sets and locations
  • Tons of Coyote trapping, both for fur and control work
  • Lil' Grizz Coon traps
  • Motivation
  • Trapper's bank account
  • Plus -- Special Guests:  Red O'Hearn, Kevin Patterson and Matt Jones

Have you ever wondered what a full time trapper's life is like, not only on the good days, but all days?  Clint has spent a year with a camera showing what his life and traplines are really like.  It's not always pretty, but if you want to follow in the "life style" you can now see what you are getting into.  Besides showing his traplines, he takes the time to explain why and how he is trapping the way he does.  There is more entertainment in this video than his other ones, but it's still loaded with quality hard core info and lots of it.

You must be warned.......this is the real life of a fulltime money trapper.  Clint is being Clint.  What this statement means is that some of the footage is harsh and there is some language that is not suitable for children.

Please Note:  Not for the weak of heart, and some material not for children or tree huggers.


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