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Dunlap's Death Coyote Gland Lure

Dobbins' Backbreaker Lure

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We've listed lures by manufacturer and by target animal for your convenience.  It's not possible to strictly classify lures by target animal as most individual lures will attract many species to a certain extent.  We've prepared the list by target animal based upon recommendations from the lure manufacturers as to what species each lure is predominantly formulated to attract.

Lures (Listed by Manufacturer)
Blackie's Lures
Carman's Lures
Caven's Lures
Dobbins' Lures
Dunlap's Lures
Graham's Lures
Grawe's Lures
Halseth's Lures
Hawbaker's Lures
Jameson's Lures
June's Lures
Kaatz Brothers' Lures
Lawing's Lures
Leatherwood Creek's Lures
Leggett's Lures
Lenon's Lures
Locklear's Lures
Milligan's Lures
Miranda's Lures
NAT Lures
Night Owl Lures
O'Gorman's Lures
Renno's Lures
Reuwsaat's Lures
Welch's Lures
Western Cats' Lures
Wilson's Lures
WRC Lures
Lures (Listed by Target Animal)
Badger Lures
Beaver Lures
Bobcat Lures
Coyote Lures
Fisher Lures
Fox Lures (Red and Grey)
Grey Fox Lures
Marten Lures
Mink Lures
Muskrat Lures
Opossum Lures
Otter Lures
Predator Lures
Raccoon Lures
Red Fox Lures
Skunk Lures
Weasel Lures
Wolf Lures