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Rittel's EZ-100 Tanning Kit

Rittel's EZ-100 Tanning Kit is the complete kit for tanning all furs, hair-on skins and wool-on skins including muskrat, fox, calf, sheep and deerskins.  It is non-discoloring, easy to use and produces a soft, stretchy, washable white leather.  Tanned skins have an indefinite shelf life.

Each kit will fully tan 20 lbs. of wet skin weight which is 2 average size deer skins or 10 - 14 full fox skins.

Rittel's EZ-100 Tanning Kit includes EZ-Tan, Saftee Acid and ProPlus Oil.  EZ-Tan is one of the newest and best tannages available. It's a Phenolic Syntan that's extremely easy to use and one of the very few taxidermy tans that produces a washable tan.  It's environmentally friendly and safe to handle. It contains no metallic ions, its very economical, and produces a white leathered, soft skin.

Saftee Acid should be your only choice for a pickling acid. It's a patented acid that is safe to use and environmentally safe too. It pickles at a low Ph, killing all bacteria, and remains extremely stable. This is a good acid to choose where you have pets or children in your shop.

ProPlus Oil is a superior bisulfited tanning oil built to penetrate deeply and produce soft skins. An excellent choice to use with EZ-100 tanning agent. It's a swab-on oil that's mixed 1 part oil to 2 parts hot tap water.


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