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Gary Schumann's "Raccoon Riot" DVD

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Gary Schumann's "Rat Race" DVD

Darin Freeborough's "Animalistics: Woods, Roads and Ridges" DVD

Lesel Reuwsaat's "Coyote Methods" DVD

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Trapping Videos

All orders shipped within the contiguous U.S. which contain only books and/or videos will be charged a flat shipping rate of only $5.95 regardless of how many books and/or videos are ordered.

Trapping Videos (Listed by Trapper)
Scott Adams
Paul & Tyler Anglin
Dick Atkins
Mike Bailey
Bernie Barringer & Rick Hines
Bruce Bertram
Dale Billingsley
J.C. Conner
Kirk DeKalb
Charles Dobbins
Paul Dobbins
Jeff Dunlap
Troy Erickson
F&T's Freedom Outdoors
Brian Fischer
Darin Freeborough
Steve & Lori Gappa
Jim & Jay Gough
Mike Gurski
Ron Hauser
Allen Hetrick
Dusty Hough
Gary Jepson
Matt Jones
Mark June
Kellen Kaatz
Kyle Kaatz
Rich Kaspar
Ed Kelly
Tom Krause
David Lafforthun
Mike Lapinski
Mercer Lawing
Pete & Ron Leggett
Herbert Lenon
John Lee & Harold Linskey
Clint Locklear
James Lord
Charlie Masheck
Trent Masterson
Ken McLellan
Mike McMillan
Ray Milligan
Tom Miranda
Bob Noonan
Kendall Obermier
Mike "Red" O'Hearn
Scott Painter
Larry "Slim" Pedersen
Don Powell
Alan Probst
Tom & Tera Roach
Lesel Reuwsaat
Jeff Robinson
Mark Schaefer
Gerald Schmitt
Gary Schumann
Mike & David Sells
Marty Senneker
Randy Smith
Jim Spencer
Mark Steck
Brian Steines
Newt Sterling
Hal Sullivan
Claudie Taylor
Royce Teague
Johnny Thorpe
Paul Trepus
Tracy Truman
Scott Welch
Bob Wendt
John Wilkinson
Len Williams
Keith Winkler
Steve Wood
Nick Wyshinski
Trapping Videos (Listed by Subject)
ADC Trapping
Beaver Trapping
Bobcat Trapping
Body Grip Trapping
Classic Trapping
Coyote Trapping
Ermine Trapping
Fisher Trapping
Fox Trapping
General Trapping (Multiple Species)
Lure & Bait Making
Marten Trapping
Mink Trapping
Muskrat Trapping
Otter Trapping
Predator Trapping
Raccoon Trapping
Trap Modification
Water Trapping
Wolf Trapping
Wolverine Trapping