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Fur Handling » Fleshing » Fleshing Tools

Fleshing Tools

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Fleshing Tool

This Fleshing Tool has a curved blade that is 2" x 3", four cutting edges and an overall length of 8".  The four cutting edges can be sharpene...

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Small Pelt Flesher
The Small Pelt Flesher is easy to use and is excellent for small animal pelts.
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Arctic Ulu Knife

This Arctic Ulu Knife is a multi-purpose tool used for skinning, cutting meat and fleshing.  This knife is ideal as a fleshing tool, particula...

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Arctic Ulu Sheath
The Arctic Ulu Sheath is made of leather and is for use with the Arctic Ulu knife.
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Arctic Ulu Holder
The Arctic Ulu Holder is made of moose antler and is an excellent way to display your Arctic Ulu Knife.  Each handmade holder is unique.
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Grizzle Getter

The Grizzle Getter is a one handled speed fleshing tool.  The knife is built with an angle on the blade to keep you from cutting the leather, ...

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Wiebe Pelt Scraper

The Wiebe Pelt Scraper is an excellent tool for fleshing mink and muskrat.  The edge is dull on one side for scraping off meat and fat and sha...

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