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Fur Handling » Fleshing » Fleshing Knives

Fleshing Knives

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Standard Fleshing Knives

These Standard Fleshing Knives are ideal for low to medium volume fur processing.  They are made of carbon steel and are available in three si...

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Necker #600 Fleshing Knife

The Necker #600 Fleshing Knife is 23 1/2" long and has a curved double sided blade.  The inner side is dull for pushing and the outer side is ...

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Sheffield Fleshing Knife

The Sheffield Fleshing Knife has a 3" x 16" fleshing blade and is handmade by J. Adams Ltd. of Sheffield, England.

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Green English Fleshing Knives
Green English Fleshing Knives were designed to be similar to high quality fleshing knives made in England such as the Sheffield.  These are a low...
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All Steel Fleshing Knife
The All Steel Fleshing Knife has two edges, a sharp side and a dull side.  This fleshing knife weighs 2 lbs., and the overall length is 22". ...
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MB Cutting Edge Fleshing Knife

This MB "The Cutting Edge" Fleshing Knife is a supreme quality fleshing knife that was developed over a 30 year period.  It has a blade length...

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